Courtney Tsumoto

Courtney Tsumoto is the newest academic advisor to join the College of Education (COE) Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS). Hired as a statewide advisor, she will focus on supporting the needs of students from all islands who are part of the college’s hybrid programs.

Born and raised on Oʻahu, Tsumoto earned her undergraduate degree in art history at UH Mānoa and both an MEd in Educational Psychology and an EdD in Professional Practice from the COE. As an undergraduate student, she began working at Student Athlete Academic Services (SAAS) where she became an academic advisor and worked for nearly 19 years.

“While at SAAS, I loved working with students, especially students from different places and backgrounds,” Tsumoto said. “Advising gives me a chance to help students discover their dreams, plan their journeys, and find hidden talents as they traverse these pathways to reach their goals. I love watching students evolve and grow on their journey here at UHM.”

Tsumoto shared she was attracted to working at OSAS to not only join a wonderful staff of advisors, but to work with non-traditional students who will go back to their rural communities and help the next generation thrive and prosper.

“Being a teacher is the most important job,” Tsumoto added. “At the start of my career, my passion for working with students with learning differences guided me to take courses in Special Education, Disability and Diversity Studies, and Educational Psychology. Throughout my advising work, I realized that I have always been drawn to study social justice which led me to pursue the EdD. My research focused on women leadership development in restrictive spaces. Working with groups of students trying to succeed in places where they may find themselves to be the minority is my passion.”

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