Adam Tanare Jr.

After graduating a semester early with a double major in Communications and Sociology in the Fall of 2008, Adam decided to enter graduate school. He searched several different Arts & Sciences programs before coming across the ETEC website, where he was able to identify a good fit. Since joining ETEC, Adam has discovered a talent he didn't know he had.

COE welcomes two international partner universities from Japan

Students and faculty from Bukkyo and Sendai Universities will visit the COE from February 9–13, 2015. With a rich history of collaboration and partnership, spanning more than a decade, the COE will facilitate a series of tours, discussions, and workshops for each of the delegations. Details about events that are open to the college will follow soon.

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KRS Supports Blanket Drive

Sanam Rezazadeh, a master's student in KRS, is leading a blanket drive as a member of the Far West Student Leadership Committee.  The collection of blankets will be donated to victims of emergency situations or disasters, like Hurricane Matthew. Please drop off your blankets at the Andrew In College Collaboration Center (CCC) in Wist Hall 134 before December 9, 2016.

Celebration of Life for Professor Emeritus Alexander J. “Sandy” Dawson

Professor Emeritus A.J. Sandy Dawson taught mathematics in both the Department of Curriculum Studies and Institute for Teacher Education. He passed away on January 8, 2015 at the age of 74. With an amazing fifty-year career in education, Sandy traveled, studied, and taught across the Pacific and beyond.

Keliʻi Makua, MEd CS Student (Aloha Kumu Cohort)

What drew you to the Aloha Kumu program?
He papa hana hoihoi kēia e kākoʻo ai nā kumu ma muli o ka nui o ka hana a nā kumu, he hana keu a  paʻahana nō mākou ma ke kula a ma ka hale me nā ʻohana. ʻO ka mea hoihoi nō hoʻi o kēia papa hana, ʻo ia nō ka hoʻoikaika ʻana i ke aʻo ʻana o nā kumu i mea e kōkua/ kākoʻo nō hoʻi ai i nā mea pono o nā keiki.

CRDG Summer Programs courses are still available, sign up today!

Are you looking for a fun, safe, and educational experience for your child this summer? CRDG Summer Programs is still accepting applications! Your child could learn a new language, design and manufacture an echo box, explore the world of print graphics, interact with new technology like tablets and notebook computers, engage with their natural environment through hands-on activities and field trips, and so much more.

EDEP 768C: Seminar in Educational Psychology (Learning)

Curious about how tech is impacting learning and the classroom? This might be the summer course for you!

About the course: This graduate seminar focuses on the impact of digital technology on learning, motivation, classroom culture, school communities, and families. Viewed through the lens of educational psychology, we explore research related to the growing integration of personal digital devices in classrooms.

Special Workshop: From Trauma to Hope

Come to a FREE workshop!

The workshop will discuss:

  • How do we engage with youth who have experienced trauma in their lives?
  • What does cultural healing and cultural empowerent really look like?
  • How can I really transform the lives of youth I work with?

More information about this workshop can be found here:

Josie Muasau, 2013 Teacher of the Year & COE Alumni

Current Position

I work for the American Sāmoa Community College, Teacher Education Department (ASCC-TED), and I recently joined the faculty of the American Sāmoa Bachelors of Education Program (ASBEP).


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