Ewa Beach, 2019-03-09 10:52:00

2019-03-09 from 10:52:00 to 11:34:00
Number of students: 21
School: UH Manoa

Transect lines: 5
Transect line length: 20
Point spacing: 2 meters
Quadrats per transect: 5
Quadrat spacing: 1 meter

Wind speed: 13–18 mph
Weather conditions: Partly Cloudy
Wind speed reference location: Ewa Beach

Wave height: 1–3
Wave height reference location: Ewa Beach

Environmental Stressors: None

Low tide time: 12:02:00
Low tide height: 0.4 ft
Low tide reference location: Pearl Harbor, Barber Point

Number of visitors: 1–5
Number of fishers: 0
Number of collectors: 0