Mission Statement

The Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS) believes that academic advising is a developmental teaching process to assist students to clarify their life/career goals and develop meaningful educational plans to help them attain these goals.  OSAS supports the College of Education students in a continual process of clarification and evaluation. Through the questioning and exchange of information, OSAS guides students through decision-making processes which will enable them to gain critical insights and make sound decisions.

OSAS recruiting


  1. Empower and guide students to develop a realistic educational plan consistent with their career goals.
  2. Assist students in understanding the University’s and College’s policies and procedures.
  3. Ensure that all COE students have access to OSAS advising services throughout the year.

Student Outcomes (SO)

  1. Students will identify their career goals and formulate an educational plan that will assist them in achieving their goals.
  2. Students will identify College and University policies that affect their educational experience.
  3. Students will utilize OSAS advising services and/or additional support services via Puahia, Pu‘uhonua, and Tinalak.
  4. Students will identify factors that impact their academic progress.