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"Encouraging students to interact with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds will help reduce stereotypes and promote inclusivity."


Special Education

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  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Special Education (PBSPED)

Why did you choose to become a teacher, in general?

I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher. At seven years old, I always gather my neighbor’s kids to play “a la escuelita” (being the teacher). My dream was fostered by my mother’s aspirations, who, due to economic barriers, could not pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. So when it came to my dream, my mother supported me by taking me to the library to check out books to be my biggest supporter.
I want to be a teacher like the ones that inspired me in elementary. A teacher who supported me by understanding my type of learning style and my needs as an immigrant from Mexico. In addition, my background as a former farmworker and the hardship of that job made me realize my duty to my community was to obtain a higher education. My hard work ethic to give my family a better life motivates me to become the most supportive teacher I can be. The aspirational capital that my mother instilled in me is something I have used in my education. She always told me, “Nunca dejes que nadie te haga sentir menos.” to remind me never to let anyone make me feel less. This consejo (advice) motivates me to never give up on my dreams of obtaining a higher education.

Why did you choose to become licensed in special education?

As a graduate student in the post-baccalaureate program in special education, I am currently working with a local elementary. I had the opportunity to work at this local school because of the work I was doing as a registered behavioral technician, where I had the opportunity to work with children with learning and behavioral disabilities. Working in this field inspired me more. When I got the keys to my classroom, I could see my dream almost being accomplished. I look forward to completing my graduate program; I will celebrate knowing my educational journey has been achieved. Being a student is a privilege, and working in special education is essential, especially as the number of Latina educators in this area is low. This discipline has provided me with a thorough understanding of macro and micro processes that impact Latinos. With this in mind, I remind myself that I am not getting an education just for myself but for my community.

Why do you feel it is important to have diversity in the classroom?

Diversity is necessary in a classroom as it can significantly benefit students’ overall learning experience. As an educator, it is essential to prepare students for the diverse and interconnected world they will face in the future. Encouraging students to interact with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds will help reduce stereotypes and promote inclusivity. In addition, as a special education teacher, I understand the complexity of teaching students with varied learning abilities. To enhance the learning experience for all students, I plan to foster an environment where students can learn from each other. I have observed that students benefit from having different learning styles, as each student is unique.

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