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"Seeing how many children are in the same situation I was in inspired me to become an educator."


Special Education

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  • BEd, Exceptional Students & Elementary Education

Why did you choose to become a teacher, in general?

I chose to become a teacher due to my childhood. Going to a safe place (school) with supportive people (teachers) was my happy place. Seeing how many children are in the same situation I was in inspired me to become an educator. Being a positive male role model for my students is why I became a teacher.

Why did you choose to become licensed in special education?

Until the past couple of years I thought I wanted to be a general education teacher. Needing to get field experience before my cohort program gave me the opportunity to work in the ABA world. Developing relationships with individuals who have autism, understanding the world of disabilities, and much more inspired me to become a SPED teacher. Seeing students progress in my current field setting has been amazing and reinforcing this love for teaching special needs.

Why do you feel it is important to have diversity in the classroom?

Diversity is crucial in a classroom because that is what makes the world the world. If we simply teach or learn only about our culture, place, heritage we are robbing ourselves and students. Diversity is what makes student more curious, emphatic and understanding of their world. As a white male it is hard to say I have or bring diversity to a classroom. Although one thing I like to highlight about my future career is being a male. Allowing students to see “men” work in usually female work positions. Allowing students to see “men” dance, act silly, and sing songs. The reason I highlighted this is because I hope it makes students feel more comfortable about themselves. Which is the closing great factor about diversity, it allows us to see ourselves in so many different ways.


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