BEd ESEE Hawkins' Scholar

Female of mixed race with long highlighted hair

"I want to have the toolkit to be able to support any student who comes into my classroom."


Special Education

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  • BEd, Exceptional Students & Elementary Education

Why did you choose to become a teacher, in general?

I chose to become a teacher because I grew up in a family of educators and growing up I saw how much of an impact my parents had on others. My peers were able to go to my dad as someone they could trust and confide in. I hope to be a person who can impact someone’s life for the better and foster an environment where students can feel safe and excited to learn.

Why did you choose to become licensed in special education?

I chose to become licensed in special education because I believe that everyone should have some background knowledge in special education. I want to have the toolkit to be able to support any student who comes into my classroom. As someone who has had a negative experience with getting the support I needed for my learning disability, I hope that I can make sure that no student in my classroom feels the way I felt.

Why do you feel it is important to have diversity in the classroom?

I believe that diversity with both students and educators is crucial for fostering a rich and inclusive learning environment. It enhances educational experiences by offering multiple perspectives and promoting mutual respect among students. When classrooms embrace diversity, they become more representative and accommodating spaces where every individual feels acknowledged and empowered.


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