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"Both students and adults thrive in different circumstances and with other voices."


Special Education

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  • BEd in Special Education

Why did you choose to become a teacher, in general?

Growing up, many of my most excellent pals had disabilities. Despite the stigmas that surround them throughout their adolescence, so many of these confidants found their unique ways of thriving and expressing themselves and their passions to their peers. Being acquainted with such a diverse group of young dreamers who could excel through or even use their circumstances was inspiring. Initially, I was set on pursuing a career in psychology with the passion of working with individuals with mental disorders. Still, through the love and supportive perspectives of friends, family, and good role models, special education would allow me to help create opportunities for these individuals to thrive immediately. I am very interested in consistently working with individuals with unique circumstances and growing with them starting at a young age!

Why did you choose to become licensed in special education?

Although working in RTI and having exposure to general education and inclusion settings has played a substantial role in my development as an educator and a person, special education is the route for me. Becoming a licensed Speducator will grant me first-hand exposure to the needs and preferences of students with unique circumstances. With this, I can plan and implement steps towards lifestyles meaningful to the students in my classroom and their families.

Why do you feel it is important to have diversity in the classroom?

Both students and adults thrive in different circumstances and with other voices. Each individual is unique, and no method will work for everybody. While this applies to education, special education allows educators, staff, and students to find themselves and flesh out their potential completely. A classroom filled with students with unique needs struggling due to abiding by a strict general curriculum and a lack of accommodations is a complete waste of the resources provided and a failure on the instructor’s end.

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