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Children's in-school and out-of-school physical activity during two seasons
Physical activity (PA) promotion for youth has long been thought of as a public health issue (Sallis & McKenzie, 1991). However, with increases in diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle and the known benefits of PA, increasing the PA levels of children and adolescents has become a major public health concern (Strong et al., 2005). To this end, numerous organizations are calling on schools to take a leadership role in youth PA promotion (National Assocation for Sport and Physical Education, 2008; Pate et al., 2006). The Institutes of Medicine (Koplan, Liverman, & Kraak, 2005) suggested that decreased opportunity for PA during school is one of five environmental factors preventing children from meeting PA recommendations of 60+ min/day. In addition, nearly all children attend school and spend as much as 30% of their waking hours in that setting (Hofferth & Sandberg, 2001; Snyder, Dillow, & Hoffman, 2009). For these reasons, schools are a logical setting to influence youth PA.
children physical activity, in-school physical activity, out-of-school physical activity, children exercise, physical education, recreation
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Publication Date
Jan 2012
Aaron Beighle
Heather Morgan, Charles Morgan, Alderman Brandon
Publication Volume
83 (1)
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