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The Holodeck mixed-reality teaching and learning environment at the University of Hawaii, Manoa
How this work illustrates best practices in education A challenge of online learning is enhancing students’ sense of social presence, that is, their perception of “being there” with others. At the University of Hawaii – Manoa’s College of Education, we are working on a research and development project with the goal of enhancing students’ social presence through the use of an open source mixed-reality 3D virtual learning environment. Our project, the Holodeck, attempts to bring the virtual world and the real world together as a “mash-up”. Using the Holodeck, on-campus and online students are able to come together both physically and virtually and take part in class activities. Outcomes/learning objectives Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to: *Describe the concept of mixed reality in their own words, *Understand the technology infrastructure used for creating the Holodeck, *Explain the practical need for mixed reality teaching and learning environments, *Understand the pedagogical implications of mixed reality teaching and learning environments Suitability with the selected format and location This presentation will weave practical, pedagogical, and theoretical perspectives into the story of how we designed and developed the Holodeck. Intended Audience This presentation is appropriate for instructional developers, individuals involved in higher education, and anyone interested in incorporating open source virtual worlds in education.
Technology, Colleges and Community Worldwide Online Conference - 2013
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Jul 2013
Matthew Schmidt
Jonathan Kevan, Paul McKimmy, Stephan M Fabel