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Download Volume 48; Numbers 1 & 2
May 2017

Issue Contents & Highlights


1 Tinalak: Envisioning the Next Generation of Teachers
- Patricia Espiritu Halagao and Niki Libarios
2 Prologue: Weaving the Threads Before Us
- Virgie Chattergy
4 Tinalak: Weaving Dreams as Filipino Educational Praxis
- Jeffrey Acido and Jeffrey Moniz
6 Exposing K–12 Filipino Achievement Gaps andOpportunities in Hawai‘i Public School 

- Patricia Espiritu Halagao

20 Filipinos at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa:Condition and Opportunities to Foster College Success 

- Niki Libarios and Robert Bachini

28 Paka(sarita)an in the Ilokano: Reclaiming a Native Tongue, Owning a Heritage
- Julius Bajet Soria
34 Critical Kapwa: Possibilities of Collective Healing from Colonial Trauma
- Maharaj “Raju” Desai
41 Recasting Our Relatives:Eroding and (E)Merging Filipino Connections
- Jeffrey Moniz
48 Nakem Pedagogy: Social Biography in Liberatory Education
- Jeffrey Tangonan Acido
55 Touching Community: The Risky and Impressive Work of an Experimental Community
- Hannah M. Tavares