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February 2018

Issue Contents & Highlights


Page # Title
1 A Message from the Director of the EdD
- Sarah J. Twomey
2 Address on the Occasion of the State of Hawai‘i’s Recognition of the Doctor of Education Program at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa by Governor Neil Abercrombie and Lieutenant Governor Shan S. Tsutsui, at the State Capitol Executive Chambers, Honolulu on November 20, 2014
- Hunter McEwan
6 Mentoring the Consultancy Project: Lessons in Collaboration and Research
- Daniel E. White
9 The Dissertation in Practice Experience
- Joshua C. Watson and Lynn T. Mochizuki
12 The EdD Cohort Experience: Students’ Reflection on the Program  

- Kyle Atabay, Erika K. Cravalho, Jocelyn Romero Demirbag, Elsa Pua Ka‘ai, Alyson Kaneshiro, and Steve Nakasato

19 The EdD Consultancy Project: Social Justice Leadership Practice
- Sarah J. Twomey, Veselina Lambrev, Kari Leong, Jerelyn Watanabe, Gari-Vic Baxa, Ed Noh, and Camille Hampton
27 Life Long Learning is an Incredible Gift!
- Teresa F. Lock
29 From Mo‘olelo to Mana‘o: Transforming Postsecondary Support Systems for Native Hawaiian Teacher Education Students
- Erin N. K. Thompson
36 Taking an Institutional and Programmatic Pause
to Incorporate the Value Proposition in a Mixed Evaluation Approach to Evaluating the EdD Program
- Sylvia Hussey and Sanjeev Sridharan
42 Artistry in Practitioner-Inquiry
- Hunter McEwan and Gay Garland Reed
49 Affirming the Artist Practitioner
- Rebecca Kapolei Kiili
53 Cleaving to Artistry: A Path in Practitioner Research
- Alvin Lin
57 Thoughts on Designing Research to be Pono
- Makalapua Alencastre