Partnering for Improved Parent Mathematics Engagement


Journal Article


Mangram, C. & Solis Metz, M. T.


Although the Common Core State Standards call on parents to support professional educators’ efforts for improving student academic achievement, we have yet to examine how to best support parents in achieving this goal. The present study addresses this need by examining a five-month mathematics intervention which aimed to increase awareness of the eight Common Core State Standards for the Mathematical Practices (CCSS-MP) in a culturally, linguistically, and generationally diverse group of parents. The intervention consisted of five mathematics workshops designed as part of a multilayered collaboration between a community organization and a teacher educator. One Mexican American and two African American parent–child dyads (n= 3) were video recorded solving “rich” mathematics tasks before and after the intervention. Video recordings were coded using a coding scheme developed from the CCSS-MP. Results indicated parent–child dyads engaged in more and a greater variety of the CCSS-MP after the intervention. Also, the ratio of parent to child talk related to the eight mathematical practices decreased. The results suggest that parents’ mathematics assistance practices changed in such a way that allowed for their children to enact more of the CCSS-MP, which means that children were engaged more deeply in the doing of mathematics at the second time period. Implications for parent education curriculum designers are discussed.


Mangram, C., & Solis Metz, M. T. (2018). Partnering for Improved Parent Mathematics Engagement. School Community Journal, 28, 273–294.