The schedule for the 5th Annual STEMS² Symposium is now posted for viewing! We are excited to bring together our global community of fellow STEMS² enthusiasts who share a passion for exploring the roles that place, culture, and identity play in interdisciplinary education. Together we will step into our symposium theme “Oh the web we weave” and explore the networks’ collective work with the STEMS² Framework as a dynamic and complex web of integration. 

Our presenters include educators and community leaders from across Hawaiʻi, the continent, and Canada. In-person experiences will include activities that physically engage participants with people and places around O‘ahu. Online experiences will include whole group plenaries, workshops, poster sessions, and talk stories/paper presentations in our platform. Some experiences have limited seating and require additional advance registration. Sign up by June 11 to secure your seat.

Please Join Us!

When: June 27, 28 & 29, 2023

Where: In person and Online

Registration Link: 

Cost: The STEMS² Symposium is an annual event currently supported by STEMS² and our partnerships. Our goal is to provide access to all voices who want to productively participate. Any contribution shared will help support our mission of making future STEMS²  efforts affordable to all.   


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