Cultural Cravings

In this unit, students will be exploring their own culture by asking relevant questions to those who are significant in their lives and share their findings as a class. They will be creating a cultural cookbook to gain an understanding and appreciation of their culture and the culture of others around them. The unit contains seven lessons that are spread across all content areas; English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Social Emotional Learning, and Sense of Place.
This curriculum is still under review by faculty. Units identified as Under Review have been submitted by educators. While they are available to view now, they are currently being reviewed by our curriculum committee for addition to this site.

Standards Aligned

Social Studies (C3)

Community Partner(s)

The community partner in this curriculum is Foodland Farms – Pearl City. We chose this partner because it is a place where the students are familiar with which allows them to relate to the content being shared and come back to this place with their families. They allowed our students into their space, shared their expertise, and gave the students hands on opportunities to help them gain experiences to refer back to when continuing the unit plan in the classroom.

Essential Question

Why is respecting my culture and the culture of others important?

Enduring Understanding

  • Knowing our culture can help us respect others.
  • Asking questions can help us learn.
  • Communicating helps us understand each other.
  • Using our senses helps inform us.

Learner Level Elementary

Primary Content English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science