Physical and Behavioral characteristics of Leeward Coast Spinner Dolphins

The Leeward Coast marine unit plan is designed to be a place-based and culturally responsive interdisciplinary approach to addressing the problem of marine conservation in Hawaii. It is designed to integrate academic and cultural standards around a unifying theme of deepening understanding of and kuelana for the Leeward Coast Spinner Dolphins.
This curriculum is still under review by faculty. Units identified as Under Review have been submitted by educators. While they are available to view now, they are currently being reviewed by our curriculum committee for addition to this site.

Standards Aligned

Next Generation Science Standards, Social Studies (C3), Common Core Math, Common Core ELA, Na Hapena A'o, Other (see Unit)

Community Partner(s)

Community partners were purposively selected based on location. The first grade classroom implementation was purposively selected based on the willingness of the teacher to share her classroom and the teacher’s personal excitement for STEMS^2 lessons.  Hawaii Kapuna were purposively selected as cultural elders because of their reputation for knowledge of Hawaiian Mo`olelo about the Leeward  Coast.

Essential Question

How can I positively impact the health and well-being of Leeward Coast Hawaiian spinner dolphins and their environment?

Enduring Understanding

  • We can use this information to have kuleana for caring for ourselves as well as the plants and animals in our community.
  • Persuasive writing and speaking can be used by Leeward Coast students to advocate for the plants and animals in their community.
  • Plant and animal health are affected by the behavioral choices people make.

Learner Level Elementary

Primary Content Science, Health, Cultural Knowledge