Project EcoInnovate: Empowering Future Leaders to Confront Local Plastic Challenges Through Technology and Sustainability

This one-day workshop addresses the urgent need for sustainable solutions to plastic pollution in the Northern Mariana Islands. Participants will explore the environmental impact of plastics, sustainable manufacturing, and innovative waste management technologies through lectures and hands-on activities. The workshop combines informational sessions with group work, aiming to empower participants to lead a shift towards sustainability and inspire meaningful change in their communities.
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Standards Aligned

Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core ELA, Other (see Unit)

Community Partner(s)

The Mariana Islands Nature Alliance (MINA), a community-based partner located on Saipan, brings extensive expertise in developing age- and skill-tailored environmental education experiences. Their outreach programs provide immersive encounters that are adaptable to various groups, reflecting in the activities of this unit. MINA’s involvement ensures participants gain a deep understanding of marine debris, particularly plastics, and its impact on the environment and people of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. They also contribute to experiential learning journeys and localized content, enhancing the curriculum’s relevance to the CNMI.

Essential Question

How can individuals and communities leverage technology, local actions, and understanding of environmental impacts to effectively combat plastic pollution and contribute to local and global sustainability efforts? 

Enduring Understanding

Understanding Our Impact: participants understand how plastic pollution affects our environment, from harming wildlife to impacting our communities. By exploring the real-life consequences, they’ll realize the urgency of dealing with plastic waste and how it connects to bigger sustainability issues.

Tech for a Greener Future: participants understand cool, new technologies and eco-friendly ways to make stuff. They’ll see how these innovations can be like superheroes, helping us manage our trash better and protect our planet. Imagine using science and tech to solve real problems like reducing plastic waste!

Local Actions, Big Changes: participants understand how their own community plays a role in the big fight against plastic pollution. By teaming up with local organizations and understanding what makes their area special, they’ll figure out how small changes can have a huge impact, not just in the CNMI but also around the world.

Learner Level High School

Primary Content STEM, Science, Technology