Where once there was life, now is silent. Healing Pu’uloa from the past through education and action.

Students will investigate the watershed from ridge to reef while collecting data and learning about citizen science. Students will call for advocacy within the community to help preserve our island's drinking water, all while students learn about the special place where they live. This unit was developed to be used throughout the CTE Natural Resources Pathway. It starts with a small PSA or similar project, and builds through to experiment design, and finally senior year as a capstone project.
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Standards Aligned

Next Generation Science Standards, Na Hapena A'o, Other (see Unit)

Community Partner(s)

The community partners were selected due to previous unit collaborations and connections to Pearl City High School. Malama Pu’uloa has been part of the community advisor group for Pearl City Natural Resources for the last few years. Ko’olau Mountain Watershed Partnership is right down the road of Pearl City High School and has assisted in watershed education in the past. The school campus sits in the Manana watershed that is supported by Ko’olau and the campus overlooks Pu’uloa (Pearl Harbor). Both community partners have assisted in watershed units in the past. For schools outside the Pu’uloa area other community partners may include your local Watershed Partnership organization.

Essential Question

How can connecting high school students to their communities heal Pu’uloa and the watersheds around Pearl City through advocacy and action?

Enduring Understanding

  1. Students understand that native ecosystems are in a balance and human actions can upset that balance.
  2. Students understand the purpose of a watershed and the importance of maintaining a healthy watershed for the health of the environment and the community.
  3. Student actions, projects, and advocacy can help repair the environment and community.

Learner Level High School

Primary Content Agriculture, Career & Technical, Science, STEM