Herb Lee instructing students at fish pond


9:00am–12:00pm, Tue Jun 28, 2022



Event Details

This year’s STEMS² symposium experience will be grounded in the Seventh Generation philosophy and the ways it intensifies our bond of community, promotes stability, and provides concrete values with which each person can test their everyday actions. Join us as we launch this theme at our opening event at Waikalua Loko I’a. Complete the Symposium Registration Form by June 5th to RSVP for this event and receive a provided lunch.

Waikalua Loko Iʻa
45-231 Kulauli St, Kaneohe, HI



9:00am Protocols & Tour

Join us as Herb Lee and The Pacific American Foundation share their story on how they are putting the 7th generation philosophy to practice.

10:00am Service Learning

Engage in place-based learning with an opportunity to give back to the host organization by helping with a project that helps to sustain their mission. Be in community with the STEMS² network while getting to know and experience Waikalua Loko Iʻa. 

11:00am Storytelling & Lunch

Share a meal together as we hear stories from STEMS² alumni that connects their work to and builds bridges between indigenous wisdom and 21st century STEM technologies. 

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