Plenary Session


This session is a participant-driven gathering where participants will decide topics of discussion. This open format will allow symposium participants to share their learnings from across the symposium experience and connect with others with shared wonderings. What wonderances, ideas, or topics do you want to explore at the unconference? Submit them to our PollEverywhere. You can also submit by text message by texting WAYNELEYU466 to 22333.

Participants can choose to join us in person at the College of Education (1776 University Avenue) or online in Gather.Town (STEMS² Gathering Space). 

Mural featuring artwork from 4th Annual STEMS2 Symposium Participants

Thank you to all who engaged in the 2022 Unconference both online and in person. The mural above is a compilation of visual reflections submitted by participants as the processing of their experiences across the 4th Annual STEMS^2 Symposium.


June 30th, 2022, 1:30pm–3:00pm HST

Location: Meet at Makawalu 8 (UHM College of Education, 1776 University Avenue)