COE Doctoral Student Association (COEDSA)

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About the College of Education Doctoral Student Association, COEDSA

The College of Education Doctoral Students Association (COEDSA) serves all doctoral students at the University of Hawaii College of Education.

COEDSA organizes an annual orientation for new students as well as an ongoing workshop series during each school year for all interested PhD students. As a doctoral student at the COE, you are part of an email list and will receive announcements about these events as well as other relevant information.

This website contains information and resources that we hope will be of use to you during your doctoral journey.

*This website will be updated once a month.

DISCLAIMER: Although COEDSA is a Registered Independent Organization of the University of Hawaii that has members who are University of Hawaii students and faculty, COEDSA is independent of the University and does not represent the views of the University. COEDSA is responsible for its own contracts, acts, or omissions.