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Happy Thanksgiving from the Advancing Culturally Relevant Computing (aCRC) project!

This week in our Community Connection newsletter we want to share some information about unplugged coding. Check out an activity and resources below that you can try implementing with your students!



Question of the Day

We’re thinking about some aCRC giveaways so we’re wondering about resources that might interest you. Please click on the resource type below that would be most beneficial to you.

Physical computing kits (e.g., Vex, Ozobots, Lego Robotics)

Access to premium coding websites (e.g., Tynker, Discovery Education)

Trade Books for Teaching CS

Student Books (e.g., Examples of computer scientists, coding stories)

All of the above



Coding Unplugged

This week we are exploring unplugged coding, a great approach to use in your classroom.

Unplugged activities are computer science activities that do not involve the use of a computer. They teach students key concepts such as algorithms, using simple tools like pencils and paper. Unplugged activities are a great way to show students how computer science extends much further than the laptop or iPad in front of them.

Here’s an easy unplugged activity you can use in your classroom, all you need is a pencil and a piece of paper.

  1. Pair up your students. Have one be the “robot” and the other be the “computer scientist”
  2. Give the computer scientists a simple task, like “pick up a pencil” or “turn off the lights”
  3. The computer scientist will write out the “code” on a piece of paper. Have them be as specific as possible.
  4. Pass the papers to the “Robot” student. Tell them they must follow the directions exactly as they are written

You’ll find that some of the results can be really funny or impressive (or both!) Let us know if you try this in your classroom!

Explore more unplugged activities at and




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