Additional funding opportunities are available through the university and from community organizations.


UHM Financial Aid
Students should consider applying for financial assistance from the UHM Financial Aid Services.  Assistance such as federal grants, work-study program and loans may be available for qualifying students. Additional scholarship information is also available on their website.

FAFSA, New Warrior scholarships (freshmen), Manoa Opportunity Grant, Teach Grants, UH Scholarships, Kuaana tuition waiver for NH students, Presidential and Transfer Merit Scholarships

UH Student Employment
Search student employment opportunities at UH

UH Foundation Scholarships
Has filtering options

East West Center Fellowships & Scholarships
Academic scholarships and fellowships through the East West Center

UH STAR Scholarships
Database of various UH Scholarships, individual scholarships will have their own specific requirements. Log in with your UH ID to search scholarships you are most eligible for.

UH System Common Scholarship
Database of UH System scholarships. Scholarship search (697 possible), application

Graduate Division Achievement Scholarships
A limited number of merit-based Graduate Division Achievement Scholarships are available to qualified graduate students at UHM.

Associated Students of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (ASUH)
The ASUH offers funding opportunities for full time classified undergraduate students.

The ASUH Scholarship: The ASUH Scholarship is divided into three categories under which students with exceptional academic achievement, high financial need, and unique situations are recognized with scholarship funding. Full-time, classified undergraduate students at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa (UHM) are eligible to apply for one of the three available categories.

The ASUH Research Award: The ASUH Research Award is intended to financially aid UHM full-time, classified undergraduate students in pursuing research or attending conferences. For additional undergraduate research funding opportunities, visit the office of undergraduate research opportunities program.

The ASUH Grad Test Preparation Award: The ASUH Grad Test Prep Award assists UHM full-time, classified undergraduate students financially for graduate test costs and/or prep courses.

The ASUH Study Abroad Scholarship: Senate ASUH Study Abroad Scholarship was created to engage globally interested students by sharing the impact of studying abroad. By engaging study abroad students, we hope that this will help ASUH learn how to enhance the student life on this campus and further encourage students to take on great academic opportunities. UHM full-time, classified undergraduate students may apply.

Additional Funding

See additional funding opportunities for students in teacher preparation programs, non licensure education programs and students in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science programs. Note that all COE students may be eligible for opportunities listed under Education – non teaching.

Funding opportunities for those intending to or already teaching.

Education – non teaching
General opportunities for all College of Education students.

Opportunities specific to students in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science programs

Graduate Division Achievement Scholarships
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