MEdT Student (Cohort 40)

Dean Snelling, Master of Education in Teaching Alumni

"My goal as an educator is to teach kids about environmental science and conservation in Hawaiʻi."


Kohala, Hawaiʻi


School of Teacher Education - M.Ed. in Teaching

Related Degrees

  • MEdT, Teaching - Elementary, Secondary & Hawaiian Language Immersion

Where do you work?
I am currently teaching science at Waipahu High School.

Why did you choose the MEdT program in the COE?
I wanted to make a difference in the work I do. Growing up on a farm on the Big Island inspired me to pursue a career in agriculture. I had already obtained my undergrad degree at UH Mānoa and had friends who graduated from the COE.

How has the program helped you to make a difference?The MEdT program has really prepared me to become a teacher. It is structured to ease you into the role of a teacher and designed to help you make a smooth transition. There has been a tremendous amount of support throughout my program, which has made this transition a lot more manageable.

What are your future plans?
My future plans are to become an agriculture teacher. I want to be able to inspire kids to be outside, to understand that learning takes place everywhere, not just inside the classroom. My true passion lies within conservation and environmental science, and I eventually want to return to that field and educate people through the skills I am gaining as a teacher.

What motivated you to build an imu with your students for your Community Contribution* assignment?
I wanted to show the kids who I am by doing an activity instead of telling them. The imu symbolizes a lot about my culture and how I was raised, and I wanted to translate that into my teaching. My goal as an educator is to teach kids about environmental science and conservation in Hawaiʻi, empowering and inspiring them through hands-on activities and projects.


*The Community Contribution is the signature assignment of MEdT Cohort 40. For his project, Dean Snelling designed, built, and shared an imu with his Waipahu High School students.

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