BEd Secondary Education

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Spring September 1 (Priority)
October 1 (Final)
September 1 (UHM Admissions)


Major Cumulative GPA

To be eligible for any College of Education licensure track program, students must maintain a cumulative (combined) Grade Point Average (GPA) at or above a required level.  Check specific program sheets of admission brochure for the GPA required of your intended program.

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Complete UHM General Education Requirements

Applicants can be admitted to the COE before completing 55 credits, but must complete 55 credits prior to being admitted to a specific COE Licensure Track program. The 55 credits can be from UHM and/or approved transfer credits from another institution.

The UHM General Education Core Requirements must be completed prior to the start of a COE Licensure Track program. Applicants who have completed an articulated Associates of Arts (AA) degree from a UH Community College are considered to have met the UHM General Education Requirements with the exception of those pursuing the following teaching fields:  World Languages, Health & Physical Education, and Science.  These fields require additional UHM General Education requirements.

The UHM General Education Requirements consist of both Foundations and Diversification courses. Use the program sheets for your intended program to see what the UHM General Education Requirements are for your intended COE Licensure Track program. To find out more information on the UHM General Education Requirements, please refer to the UHM General Education Website

40 Hours of Documented Group Leadership Experience

Prior to applying, applicants must complete 40 hours of paid or voluntary group leadership field experience with the appropriate age group according to their major. For example, Secondary Education students are required to work with 6 - 12th grade aged students (except for Health and Physical Education B.S. majors, K-12 is required). Elementary Education students are required to work with K - 6th grade students. The experience must have been completed after high school and cannot have occurred more than 5 years prior to acceptance to a COE Licensure Track program. For Health and Physical Education majors, the experience must be primarily physical activity related. 

Type Name Updated
Handbook/Instructions Group Leadership Field Experience Certification Form Last Updated
June 2016

Take basic skills tests (No longer required-Effective Spring 2018 Admission)

Complete an Admissions Interview

All Students applying for any of the COE Licensure Track programs must participate in an admission interview with faculty from their prospective department.

Interview Instructions:
All Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education (B.Ed.) applicants (does not apply to Health & Physical Education applicants, see KRS BS Health & PE Teacher Education) are required to complete a personal admissions interview with Secondary Education faculty. 

Type Name Updated
Brochure/Information Secondary Education Interview Instructions Last Updated
July 2019

Only applicants who have successfully completed all admission requirements will be able to schedule a Personal Admissions Interview.

Music Education Applicants - Music Departmental Interview Instructions:  Applicants for the program in Music Education must make an individual appointment for an interview with the Music Department.  Arrange for an interview appointment time as soon as possible to avoid missing deadlines.  Call Dr. Chet-Yeng Loong at her phone number below.  Out-of-state applicants may be accepted provisionally pending completion of the interview requirement immediately upon arrival on Oahu.  These interviews must be completed by September 1 for COE priority consideration or October 1 for final consideration.

Secondary Music Education
Dr. Chet-Yeng Loong
Music Bldg. 111
(808) 956-3253



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