image of Kirsten Mawyer

Kirsten Mawyer Director

Interests: Disciplinary Literacy; Preservice Science Teacher Education; Culture & Place-Based Science Education; Ambitious Science Teaching

image of Charlotte Frambaugh-Kritzer

Charlotte Frambaugh-Kritzer Professor

Interests: Qualitative Self-Study Methods; Disciplinary and Adolescent Literacies; Interdisciplinary Curriculum Design; New Literacies; Teacher Education

(808) 956-2749

image of Aaron Levine

Aaron Levine Partnership and Placement Coordinator

Interests: P-20 partnerships; international partnerships; teacher education; teaching as a creative act; the classroom as a performance space; the teacher as actor

(808) 956-0726

image of Amber Makaiau

Amber Makaiau Specialist

Interests: Social Studies, Social Justice Education, Progressive Education, Multicultural Education, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Philosophy for Children

(808) 956-6699

Charmaine Mangram Assistant Professor

Interests: Parent Engagement; Math Teacher Professional Development; Preservice Teacher Learning; Mathematical Practices

(808) 956-9679

image of Chad Miller

Chad Miller Specialist

Interests: philosophy for children (p4c), philosophy, inquiry-based pedagogy, language arts, and punk pedagogy

image of Kay Okamura

Kay Okamura University Coordinator

image of Cheryl Treiber-Kawaoka

Cheryl Treiber-Kawaoka Cohort Coordinator

Interests: Theatre & Visual Arts; Watercolors, Sketchbook art, Poetry/Creative Writing, Directing/Playbuilding

(808) 956-9992

image of Brandy Ader
image of Adam Tanare Jr.

Adam Tanare Jr. Academic Support Specialist