Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are a crucial part of the Early Childhood Educator Excellence and Equity Project’s efforts toward Recruitment and Retention of Diverse ECE Students. The ECE Student Ambassador program is a pilot program that began in November of 2021 and supports students at Hawaii Community College, Honolulu Community College, Kauai Community College, and UH Maui College. The mission of the program is to assist prospective and new ECE students with their transition and ongoing engagement in ECE programs, as well as promote the community college ECE program within the local community. The Student Ambassadors accomplish this by answering questions and providing students with information about their campus resources, policies, and procedures. They also facilitate opportunities and accessibility, provide tools for students, and help develop and foster a vibrant student community within the campus by connecting and strengthening relations between students and faculty.

The student ambassadors work together as support teams with faculty members and the ECE3 Center Staff. The support teams take an “intrusive” approach to services, making education and career advising, coaching, and learning community sessions required elements of the student experience. These relationships help students feel a connection to the UH system institutions and a sense that someone else is invested in their success. The teams balance students’ need for individualized attention through one-on-one, personalize coaching along with group activities. The student ambassadors utilize online platforms such as Zoom for advising, coaching, and learning communities.

If you are interested in learning more about the Student Ambassador program or have questions regarding resources available on your campus, please see the following contact information below.

University of Hawaii – Early Childhood Educator Excellence and Equity Center Staff
Dr Helen Au,

Hawaii Community College
Student Ambassador – Leticia Morales,
Faculty Supervisor – Jana Smith,

Honolulu Community College
Student Ambassador –
Faculty Supervisor – Dr. Caroline Soga,

Kauai Community College
Student Ambassador – Delaney Wheeler,
Faculty Supervisor – Antonia Fujimoto,

University of Hawaii Maui College
Student Ambassador – Kaira Sarmiento,
Faculty Supervisor – Gemma Medina,