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I enjoy the challenge of seeking solutions to enhance and strengthen our security measures, ultimately preventing any potential security breaches.


Dean's Office

How long have you been with the COE?

I’ve been working at the COE for over 10 years, since January 15, 2013.

Can you describe what you do and how it impacts others at the COE?

I am responsible for operating, maintaining, and monitoring the entire IT infrastructure at the COE. This includes managing connectivity of network printers in your office and data jacks on the wall, VPN, Nextcloud, COE public website and other COE web services, firewall, and all other background IT services. Essentially, my role ensures that everything runs smoothly on the IT front. So, when you come into your office each morning and experience no issues with your computer, it means that I’m doing my job effectively.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is starting each morning by analyzing system messages to understand what has occurred, what’s ongoing, and identifying any potential intrusion attempts on our system. I enjoy the challenge of seeking solutions to enhance and strengthen our security measures, ultimately preventing any potential security breaches.

What interests you about working in IT?

I have a strong passion for UNIX and Linux operating systems. I’ve been using Linux since 1994 and have experience with various Linux distributions. What really excites me is the ability to configure and set up an operating system from the ground up. In fact, I operate a small file server at home to manage all my personal data, including photos and documents dating back 20 years.

What would you tell others in the COE about TDP that they may not know?

Many people at COE may not be aware that more than 100 IP addresses from the Internet are scanning all COE websites daily in an attempt to identify security vulnerabilities. Thankfully, our team at TDP and I have been successful in safeguarding COE websites from these hacking attempts. While I used to maintain a list of countries associated with these IP addresses until last year, the IP address to country mapping service is no longer available for free. Nonetheless, I continue to monitor the IP addresses that scan our network every day. TDP has managed over 100 servers, making it one of the colleges that offers the most advanced and professional IT services to faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, many faculty may be unaware that if they require any specific server-client software or web-based applications, I can set them up and operate them after reviewing the requests.

Tell us something about you that others may not know about you.

Something that others may not know about me is that I’ve been working at the COE for over 10 years in the Wist Hall.  I served in the Korean Marines 20 years ago as part of my mandatory military service.  Additionally, a few years ago, I managed to lose over 30 pounds and have maintained that weight with just 17% body fat. That’s why my current appearance and profile photo look different. On a different note, I played the piano for a decade, although my finger muscles may have forgotten how to play, my brain still remembers a lot of musical scores and knowledge.

Favorite hobby?

My favorite hobbies include playing video games, watching movies and K-dramas, and listening to heavy metal and classical music. I’m so passionate about music that sometimes I find myself listening to music for 6 hours. If you ever want to chat about K-Dramas, please don’t hesitate to drop by my office.

Favorite food?

I love eating. I enjoy a wide range of cuisines, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, and, of course, American. Also, I enjoy eating super spicy and super sour food. There was a time when the Buldak spicy chicken ramen eating challenge was trending on YouTube, but it’s not as spicy for me.

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