The UH Manoa Faculty Senate wanted to provide an updated, user-friendly web resource for their faculty constituents and other stakeholders. Their chief concerns were providing easy access to documents and the latest information on Senate topics. In addition, they sought to raise awareness of the Senate’s function and opportunities for faculty to be involved. We designed and developed a brand new site that highlights Senate topics on the home page, as well as information on meetings, senator testimonials and little-known facts about the Senate. Many faculty are interested in learning more about past Senate issues, and finding documents related to them. To serve them, we developed an Issue search page with an overview page about each issue, which includes the background, links to documents and the latest updates.

Manoa Faculty Senate home page
Committee page
Ipad and iphone views

Project Team

Photo of Faye Furutomo
Faye Furutomo

Project Manager

Photo of Michelle Ann Carino
Michelle Ann Carino

Front-End Designer

Photo of Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan