My ancestors are from different islands (Hokkaido, Hiroshima island, Ireland, England/Scotland), but I was blessed to be born yonsei (4th generation) here in Hawai’i. Fun Fact: my formal education began in the same ‘āina that it will “end” in: the ‘ili of Pilipili. This is where I started kindergarten at the UH Lab School and where I plan to get my PhD in EDEA from the COE. I have been in the field of education for 15+ years both as an elementary teacher and advisor in higher education. I am grateful to be going on my 7th year of serving the COE’s Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS) as an academic advisor, faculty specialist.

My research interests include learning about underserved populations in higher education and how to make policy or programming changes to better support these students and faculty members. My Masters paper explored faculty academic mothers in higher education and my dissertation focuses on Hawai’i nisei college students who were incarcerated on the continent during WWII.

I also enjoy writing and have published a children’s book entitled, “Emma’s Adventure: Mommy’s Work Trip.” When I’m not at work or school, I am with my ‘ohana. We love to be out in nature whether it is hiking, swimming, or surfing. Mahalo to the EDEA department for all the support! I would not be on this journey without the amazing staff and faculty in EDEA.

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Educational Administration