PhD in Education

Typical Length 5 years

Delivery Campus-Based

Nationally Accredited

The PhD degree with disciplinary emphasis in K-12 or higher education is designed to enhance organizational leadership by providing advanced study for highly qualified individuals with demonstrated professional leadership skills and capacity to conduct scholarly research in higher education. Students who have a master’s degree in a closely related field must complete 21 prerequisite credits in higher education or 18 credits in K-12 in addition to the doctoral program requirements. The doctoral program includes a set of research courses, seminars in higher education, cognate courses, a professional research experience or teaching internship, and a dissertation that makes an original research contribution to the field.

The primary purpose of the Ph.D. track in Educational Administration is intended to facilitate leadership in educational organizations by providing highly qualified professionals that serve the State of Hawai`i, the nation, and the Pacific Region. The content areas of the track include (1) policy and governance, (2) leadership and administration, (3) organizational theories and practice, and (4) quantitative and qualitative research.

The PhD includes work in the following:

  1. College Core, a set of research core requirements for all doctoral students enrolled in the College of Education
  2. Areas of disciplinary focus (i.e., seminars in educational administration leading to an emphasis in K-12 or higher education)
  3. Cognate Field, course work taken outside the field of educational administration
  4. Fieldwork, Teaching or Research Internship
  5. Dissertation

Deadlines to apply:
Fall semester – February 1 – Early submissions of your application materials are highly recommended.

Common Careers

University or college professors, educational researchers, and/or educational leaders in various educational organizations or institutions.

Delivery & Format

A minimum 40 credit program with courses offered in combination as online, hybrid, or in-person on the Mānoa campus.  Courses are offered through the Departments of Educational Administration in the College of Education. Students are able to complete the program in 5 years.

*Total program credits will vary based on student’s educational background

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have graduated, or will graduate, from a UHM recognized, accredited, master’s degree program prior to beginning the PhD, Education: Educational Administration - Higher Education program.

A transcript from each post-secondary institution attended.

A written statement of objectives as part of your application.

Your resumé or CV.

A sample of scholarly writing as part of your application.

Three (3) letters of recommendation

Applicants who are not native English speakers may need to take the TOEFL or IELTS (Academic) tests. For more information view the Graduate Division website.

International students that have been admitted are required to submit a copy of their Identification documents (i.e. Passport or Identification Card)

International applicants need to show proof of sufficient funding to cover all educational and living expenses

How to Apply
Application Deadlines
Starting Semester General Admission International Students Admission
Fall February 1 January 15

How to Apply

The PhD in Education Program, Educational Administration Track requires a minimum of 40 credit hours in addition to the Master Core courses (21 credits for Higher Education or 18 credits for K-12).  All doctoral students will be required to have 18-21 units of 600 level prerequisite courses (depending on K-12 or higher education emphasis). Students who have already completed a master’s degree in higher education or K-12 leadership/administration generally have fulfilled these requirements.

Each course is generally 3 credits.

  •    Education Research (3 credits minimum)
  •    Qualitative Research (3 credits minimum)
  •    Quantitative Research (3 credits minimum)
  •    Advanced Methods for Dissertation Research (3 credits minimum)
  •    Advanced Doctoral Seminars (12 credits minimum)
  •    Cognate Field, courses taken in another field (12 credits minimum)
  •    Field Experience (3 credits minimum)
  •    Research Problem and Dissertation (1 credit, variable)

The cognate can include courses taken in another field (e.g., sociology) or a combination of graduate courses from various departments that is approved by the student’s advisor and are appropriate to the proposed dissertation topic.

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