EdD Student

Natalie Nimmer

I love learning in a cohort with other dedicated, passionate, and smart educators – both students and faculty.


Warrensburg, Missouri


Educational Administration

Related Degrees

  • EdD, Professional Education Practice

What is your current position?
I am an Educational Consultant with Pacific Relevance Consulting, mainly working with charter schools on WASC accreditation and school improvement.

What is the scholarship you were recently awarded?
After submitting a written application, I received $1000 from the Delta Kappa Gamma Society.

How did you become interested in the field of education?
I always liked the idea of teaching. As a child, I played ‘school’ with my sister and friends. I loved making worksheets for them to do. As an adult, I love learning how to teach without worksheets! Moreover, I am passionate about working with school-based staff to improve the education they provide for their students. There is so much treasure in the minds and hearts of teachers. We just need to tap into it and put those solutions to work.

What has had the most impact on your road to education/career?
My first year as a high school teacher, I had an excellent principal, Foster Heine. He said, “Parents have entrusted us with their children. We must be serious about our jobs and treat these students the way we would treat our own children.” Our school lacked resources and our teachers lacked HQT-type credentials. But, we cared deeply for our students, worked hard, and took seriously our role as mentors. When faced with conflicting priorities or complex situations, I try to lean on this advice and choose the path that most respects and honors the students’ dignity and humanity.

What will you remember or miss the most about your time in the EdD Professional Practice Program?
I love learning in a cohort with other dedicated, passionate, and smart educators – both students and faculty. I will miss our class discussions the most.

What are your future plans?
I plan to continue consulting for schools that put children first, to improve educational offerings for their beloved students.

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