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Abstract: The presence and support for computer science (CS) in Hawai‘i public schools are increasing. From legislative appropriations to increased computer science professional development, under consideration is an increased tiered implementation of CS courses and content in grades 1–12 with a target date of 2024–25 for all elementary and middle schools to offer CS (SB 242). With the passing by the Hawai‘i State Legislature of Act 51 (HRS 302A-323) in 2018, all high schools are now offering CS, and elementary schools can add computer science to report cards. This presentation will share findings from a partnership between the Hawai‘i Department of Education and the Curriculum Research & Development Group to examine the landscape of public school K–12 computer science education in Hawai‘i (, particularly after the passing of Act 51.  Based on analysis of data from the schools and national data systems; a survey of 492 K–12 educators and administrators; and five follow-up sets of interviews with educators and industry partners, we find opportunities have increased in Title I schools, but gaps between males and females and underrepresented minorities still exist.

Presented by:
Dr. Thanh Truc T. Nguyen, Specialist Curriculum Research & Development Group, UH Mānoa

Minara Mordecai, Ph.D. Student Learning Design and Technology, UH Mānoa.



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