Working together: Disciplinary literacies within interdisciplinary instruction.




Frambaugh-Kritzer, C. & Stolle, E. P.


The purpose of our workshop is to share our story of merging the two notions of interdisciplinary instruction and disciplinary literacies in our work with secondary teachers and teacher educators. In short, the phrase, interdisciplinary instruction, means the application of teaching a conceptual theme across different secondary discipline-­‐areas. The phrase, disciplinary literacies (DL) essentially means teaching students to read, write and communicate in specified ways determined by each discipline. In this workshop, we blend these two notions together and we will guide a discussion and share tips on how teachers can: write high interest and engaging interdisciplinary unit plans with a DL focus; integrate standards and other required content from the various disciplines; promote student empowerment, disciplinary literacies, authentic assessments, and new/multiple literacies within an interdisciplinary unit plan. Our hope is that participants will receive a collection of new ideas from this session they can incorporate into their own classrooms/schools.


Frambaugh-Kritzer, C., & Stolle, E. P. (2017). Working together: Disciplinary literacies within interdisciplinary instruction. Presented at 20th European Conference on Literacy , Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.