Due to the need for special education teachers, there is a year-to-year contract agreement between the Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) and UH that provides tuition stipends for completing the special education coursework within the teacher licensure program. 

To be eligible for the stipend, students must agree to teach special education in a HIDOE school for a minimum of 3 years after completing the program. Stipends are contingent upon yearly renewal of the DOE-UH contract and will be automatically offered to all students who were admitted that enrollment year. 

The following programs are eligible for the DOE tuition stipends. This stipend funding typically covers half or more of our dual-licensure programs, and then most or all of our special education-only licensure programs. Stipend amounts shown are based on current in-state tuition rates, however, stipends may apply to out-of-state or WUE tuition rates as well:

  1. BEd, Early Childhood & Early Childhood Special Education (36 credits, $16,920)
  2. BEd, Exceptional Students and Elementary Education (33 credits; $15,543)
  3. BEd, Special Education (60 credits; $28,260)
  4. Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Special Education (33 credits; $15,543)
  5. Master of Education in Teaching, Dual Secondary & Special Education (31 credits (graduate tuition rate); $20,150)

You do not need to apply for this funding opportunity. Students who have been admitted to one of these programs would automatically receive the stipend packet to complete and return prior to the start of their first semester.

Students are responsible for securing their own funding for applicable prerequisites, additional program credits, and/or any additional program costs related to travel, books, and testing/licensure fees.