PhD Education: Educational Foundations Global & International Education

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The COE (College of Education) PhD offers a track in Global & International Education through the Department of Educational Foundations.  Global & International Education aims to prepare inservice educators and educational researchers and analysts for leadership positions in educational and research settings.  Strongly concerned with theory generation, application, and analysis, this track draws significantly upon concepts, theories, and research methods from a variety of fields – including the social sciences, history, law, and philosophy – in understanding, defining, analyzing, and researching educational issues and problems around the world and in global perspective.  Given the spread of globalization around the world, the growth of internationalization, and evident student mobility from country to country, the study of education and educational systems at all levels in global and international dimensions is increasingly important.

Delivery Options

Courses are offered primarily in the fall and spring semesters.  Most courses are offered in the late afternoon/early evening time period.  Some courses are offered online.


College PhD Core (9 credits)

  • Multiple Perspectives on Educational Research
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Quantitative Methods

Global & International Required Courses (15 credits)

  • Intro to Comparative/International Ed
  • Globalization in Education
  • International Development Education
  • Seminar on the Social and Contexts of Education
  • Advanced Research Methods (dissertation stage)

Global & International Education Electives (6 – 12 credits; select two – four courses)

  • Education and the World Order
  • Topics in Comparative Education
  • Seminar in Comparative/International Education
  • Seminar in Global Education
  • Leadership and Governance in Education
  • Foundations of Curriculum
  • Cultural Diversity in Education

Cognate, Area Studies, or Other EDEF Courses (6 credits – select two courses, unless 12 credits in Electives)

  • Philosophy of Education
  • History of Education
  • Politics of Education
  • Higher Education
  • Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Southeast Asia Studies, etc.
  • Disciplinary Studies (History, Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, etc.)

College of Education PhD Internship (3 credits; select one)

  • Field Internship (International Location)
  • College Teaching

Additional Coursework

  • Dissertation Credits = 1 credit minimum

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