image of Xu Di

Xu Di Chair

Interests: Educational Foundations, Philosophy, Multicultural and International educ., teacher education

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image of Alexander Means

Alexander Means Graduate Chair

Interests: Sociology of Education, Education Policy, Critical Theory, Urban Education, Political Economy, Learning, Work, and Technology, Cultural Studies, Social Movements

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image of Marsha Ninomiya

Marsha Ninomiya Office Manager

Interests: Ballroom dancing Traveling/Cruising

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image of Baoyan Cheng

Baoyan Cheng Associate Professor

Interests: Comparative/International Education with special interest in Chinese education; international student mobility; equity issues in higher education ; globalization and cultural issues in education; liberal arts education in the global context

(808) 956-4246

image of D. Brent Edwards Jr.

D. Brent Edwards Jr. Associate Professor

Interests: Global Education Policy; Global Governance of Education; Knowledge production and mobilization; International Organizations; Policy Borrowing and Traveling; Political Economy of Education Reform; Policy implementation (esp. decentralization/participation and market-based reforms)

(808) 956-4242

image of Derek Taira

Derek Taira Assistant Professor

Interests: cultural diversity in education; 20th century social and cultural American History; History of American Education; History of Education in Hawaiʻi; History of Territorial Hawaiʻi; Settler Colonialism; U.S. Education Policy

image of Hannah Tavares

Hannah Tavares Associate Professor

Interests: Multiculturalism and education, philosophies of race and ethnicity, feminist theory and body politics, media and cultural studies, postfoundational research approaches to the educational world.;

(808) 956-8624

image of Lori Ideta

Lori Ideta Affiliated Faculty

image of Keiichi Ogawa

Keiichi Ogawa Affiliated Faculty

Interests: Economics of Education, Education Finance, Education Policy and Planning, Impact Evaluation, Comparative International Education