Audio Feedback

Providing feedback via audio can be a great way to create teacher presence. Students report that they really “hear what you’re saying” when they can hear your voice.

Recording Audio in Laulima

Every text entry box in Laulima includes a button where you or your students can record brief audio clips. The audio record button is in the red box below.

record audio button in laulima

Consider using this feature when providing feedback to students. Here’s how it works.

Audio Comments in a PDF

Example: How a Research Article is Structured

In her research methods course, Rhonda Black uses audio comments to point out how a research article is structured. Double click on a speaker icon to hear that comment. (You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Rhonda Black Audio Comments

To insert audio comments in a PDF using Acrobat, you’ll need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro.  However, your students only need the free Adobe Reader to hear them.

Example: Feedback to Student Author

In this example, 3 audio feedback comments have been added to a PDF to provide the student with feedback on how to improve their writing.

Audio comments to student author

How-to in Adobe Acrobat pro

This video shows how easy it is to record audio comments in a PDF.

Audio Comments in Google Docs

The Chrome browser has an extension called Mote that allows you to record audio comments.

Example: Audio Comments on a Paper

In the Google Doc below an audio comment was recorded using the free Mote extension (see how-to video below). If you decide to use this tool, for best results we recommend you also have your students add the Mote extension to Chrome (then they can add audio comments too!). The audio comments can then be played directly in the Google doc comment itself. If comments are viewed in a browser other than Chrome it takes an extra click to listen to them. Don’t forget viewers need either commenting or editing access to the Google doc to see a voice comment.

NOTE: Scroll right to listen to the comment in the Google doc itself.

How-to in Google docs