Breakout Rooms

Zoom, the COE’s web conferencing tool, has a breakout room feature that allows instructors to break an online class of students into smaller groups to participate in collaborative activities.

Example: Collaborative Project

The STE Secondary program has students break into small groups online to contribute to an overall group project. Drs. Charmaine Mangram and Amber Makaiau describe in this video. Project instructions for students.

Example: Tips for using

In this video Dr. Charlotte Frambaugh-Kritzer shares practical tips for making your breakout room activities go smoothly. She uses Blackboard Collaborate in this video, but the tips can be applied in any web conferencing tool with a breakout room feature.

Example: Community building

Dr. Joe Zilliox uses breakout rooms at the beginning of class to allow for small group discussion in that “quiet time” before his online class starts.

Zoom Breakout Room Tutorial - How to set up breakout rooms