Class Intros & Student Rosters

Community is an essential part of an effective online course. Getting students to know one another is a great first step in building community among your students.

Class Roster

Using an online roster is a helpful way to put names with faces, especially in asynchronous online courses. If you create a roster in Google docs, students can edit their own photos and contact information. Another benefit of using Google docs is that you can privately share the roster to keep it within the class group.

Example: Class Roster in Google Docs

This roster uses fake names and photos, but you can make a copy of it to create a class roster for your class.

Introduction Videos

Ask students to create short videos to introduce themselves to the class. Most students have smartphones and know how to upload video to YouTube. Have them post their videos in a Laulima Forum and ask them to find a minimum of three classmates they have something in common with and provide a comment or greeting to that classmate.

Example: Simple student intro video

Example: Student adds editing and music

Krissy Yogi decided on her own to jazz up her intro video with editing and music.

Example: Advanced student intro video

In courses where students can be expected to use more advanced tools, students can get more creative with their intro videos. LTEC 632 student Nan Ketpura Ching introduces herself in this autobiographical intro video.

Introductions Using FlipGrid

FlipGrid allows you to facilitate video discussions. Flipgrid is an easy way to have students introduce themselves and respond to each other. In this example, members of the LTEC Department introduce themselves to each other.

More on using FlipGrid