Course Introductions

Set the stage for your course by creating a course introduction!

Course introductions can help:

  • Guide students through navigating your course website and materials
  • Set the tone and start creating your course’s culture
  • Enhance instructor presence and help students get to know you
  • Connect students to concepts, ideas and questions
  • Set expectations for what students will be doing and learning

Short Course Intro via Loom

Here’s a course introduction video from Dr. Rayna Fujii’s STE 322 course. This video was created using Loom a free screen recording tool. Loom’s education plan is free, up to 45 minutes per video.

"Start Here" Course Intro

We often recommend that instructors create a “Start Here” module to introduce students to their course. This can be especially useful in courses where students may be new to online learning or if there are unique aspects to the course design. In LTEC 112, the course uses a custom platform and is competency-based with three 3 different lesson types. Within each lesson type, there are different types of assessments (quiz or a teacher-graded assignment). The Start Here course introduction module includes a screencast video that provides an introduction to the course structure and platform. Check out the Start Here Module in LTEC 112 and the video below: