Organization Strategies

Keeping the resources you provide to students organized is an important part of course structure and student satisfaction.

Not knowing where to find things can be frustrating for students and instructors. Think through how you’ll organize your materials before providing them to students.

Example: Google Drive

The STE Secondary program uses Google Drive folders to share various resources with students.  They use a series of clearly named folders and subfolders to help students know which resources are where.

screenshot of Google Drive folders

Example: Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are a great tool for displaying lots of data in a small space.  But spreadsheets can sometimes feel intimidating and overwhelming.  LTEC 676 instructor Bert Kimura and TA Adam Halemano published a multisheet Google sheet that’s formatted to look more “friendly”. This example keeps all of the various group project information in one place, but is easy to navigate.

LTEC 676 Example

Example: Laulima

Resources can also be shared with students in Laulima Resources.  Consider using clearly named folders, you can also have folders within folders.

Screenshot of Laulima Resource Folders

Communicating Course Structure

Consider creating routines in your course schedule so students get used to knowing what they need to do when.

See examples of communicating course structure