Student Presentations

Student presentations are a useful assessment method for both face-to-face and online courses.

The pros and cons of doing presentations online should be considered based on the goals of your course and your available time:


  • Information organization and communication is a broadly applicable skill
  • Provides opportunity to practice with online communication and tools
  • Online presentations can be attended by anyone online and are easily recorded


  • Students need to learn moderator features of online presentation tools
  • Difficult to implement in large classes within reasonable times

Example: LTEC Masters Program

The LTEC masters program has students do online synchrnous sessions in their classes and to present their final Masters project. Dr Curtis Ho describes some of the ways students present online.

Student Presentation

LTEC Masters student Krystal de Leon presented her masters project at the 2017 TCC conference using Blackboard Collaborate. You’ll see in this short screen capture Krystal introduces herself then gets feedback from her audience via a poll within the first two minutes.


While your course may need a custom rubric based on your goals, these example rubrics can be a place to start.