Add Research or Service to Kudos
  • Make sure all research or service items are added to the COE faculty/staff member’s Kudos profile.
  • Ideally, each research item should have an abstract and link to resource (added in Kudos).
  • See our Kudos page to learn how to add publications and service items to Kudos.

Login to your COE website

Search for the Research/Service item & click on the item

After clicking the item, it will show on the right side.

Research item added

Update fields on Metadata tab

Fill out the fields on the metadata tab:

  • Primary COE author (first COE author)
  • Areas of interest
  • Partnership category (if research/service was done in partnership with an external organization)
  • Related programs

metadata fields

Adding a photo makes your research post more inviting!

Research photo example

Use the Featured Image area to add an image:

Find featured image area


Click Publish