Editing Google Docs for Dossier

This video covers adding section headings, a table of contents, a table, and section breaks to change page orientation. It also covers formatting fonts and document margins and adding headers and footers. Note: Dossier documents in video reflect UH community college dossier formatting requirements that may not align with Manoa requirements. Video created by KCC instructional designer Helen Torigoe and used with permission and many thanks!

Social Media – Do’s & Don’ts

Basic guidelines for responsible use of social media, with links to further reading.

Social Media Uses

This tutorial will explore various uses of social media to build your program's reputation and foster a sense of community. We list some excellent examples from the higher education industry, each with good tips you can implement in your social media content.

Social Media – Platforms

Each social media outlet has its strengths and weaknesses, so we recommend you tailor your posts to each platform. Here’s an overview of the attributes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.