1. Allow editing
    • Lets the user edit the file(s) they have been shared with.
  2. Allow creating
    • Lets the user create new file(s) / folder(s) within the shared folder.
  3. Allow deleting
    • Lets the user delete current file(s) / folder(s) within the shared folder.
    • *Note: deleting a shared file/folder with ‘Allow deleting’ enabled will delete the document from every shared user, including the original sharer.
  4. Allow resharing
    • Lets the user shared with the file(s) / folder(s) share the same documents with other users.
  5. Set expiration date
    • Sets an expiration date to the shared file(s) / folder(s). At the end of the date, the share will automatically be disabled.
  6. Note to recipient
    • Adds a note to the recipient.
  7. Unshare
    • Manually unshare the file(s) / folder(s) with the user.