Start your Zoom app and click on Sign In.

1. Start your Zoom App

  • Launch Zoom

2. Click on the Sign in Button

Sign in

Sign in and stay signed in.

  1. Click on Sign In with SSO.
  2. Click on the Keep me signed in checkbox
    • This saves your password, and
    • logs you in automatically the next time you start Zoom.

Enter the company domain.

Enter coehawaii as your company domain.


Log in with your UH Username and Password.

You are Brought to the standard UH Login screen.  Log in as you would for any other UH service or site.

UH login

You are now logged in to your Zoom app.

Zoom app

Find the Zoom App from your Doc & Open the Zoom App Menu

Right-Click to open the Menu.

  • Holding Crtl while you Mouse Click will also bring up the menu.
Launch Zoom

Open Zoom Options

From the menu, choose Options to open the submenu

Zoom Doc Menu

Set Zoom to Open at Login.

Make sure Open at Login is checked.

Optional: You may want to also check Keep on Dock. This will make it easier to find your Zoom App in the future.

Zoom Options Submenu