Start your Zoom App

  1. From Search Type Zoom
  2. Click on Zoom App from the search results
Find and Open Zoom

Sign in and stay signed in.

  1. Click on the Keep me signed in checkbox
    • This saves your password and
    • logs you in automatically the next time you start Zoom.
  2. Click on Sign In with SSO.
Zoom

Enter the company domain.

Enter coehawaii as your company domain.

Zoom SSO Screen

Log in with your UH Username and Password.

You are Brought to the standard UH Login screen.  Log in as you would for any other UH service or site.

UH login

You are now logged in to your Zoom app.

Zoom Will show in your Web browser with a Pop-Up Window Asking what you want to do.

Click to Open Zoom Meeting, or Launch Zoom

Open Zoom in

From the Zoom App open Settings

On the Home Screen of the Zoom App, Click on the “Gear” icon.

Zoom App Home

Set Zoom to Start when Windows starts.

  1. In Zoom Settings, Go to General.
  2. Check Start Zoom When I start Windows.

Optional: Check Silently start Zoom when I start Windows, This will run windows in the background, so it doesn’t take up any screen space.

Zoom Settings