• Offering detailed analytic tools for a business page that can help you to track your performance.
  • You can integrate your business Facebook and Instagram accounts into one and the ability to post your content spontaneously.
  • You can schedule your posts in the Facebook business suite.
  • Posts can be slightly longer than on other platforms (though you still don’t want to exceed a few sentences).


  • Create a Facebook business page for your account.
  • It’s not necessary to post more than once a day.
  • Include a visual in your post to gain more attention.
  • Promote your events by sharing the event link or create an event on Facebook.
  • Engage with your audience.

EDEA Facebook example




  • Twitter users often follow public figures or other users who engage with subjects in which they are interested.
  • Twitter Analytics is available to all Twitter users, including both personal and business accounts.
  • Focuses on growing your connections through the following relevant people as well as bringing attention to yourself when you retweet.
  • Hashtags allow you to target your posts by trends, topics, relevant searches, etc.


  • Tweet regularly and include the link to your program wherever possible.
  • Retweet posts by people/groups whose radar you would like to be on.
  • Include a visual in your post to gain more attention.
  • Use no more than two hashtags in your tweets.

Ethnomath example of giving credit on Twitter




  • Focuses on visuals.
  • Types of Instagram accounts (Bookstagrams, for example) allow you to target your audience.


  • Ensure that your graphics, photos, and videos are high quality and relevant in alignment with the rest of your marketing efforts.
  • Post often and over a long period to increase the visibility of posts and your profile based on the platform’s algorithm.
  • Be consistent with the number of posts you upload in a timeframe (whether that’s one post a day or one post a week).
  • Include hashtags after your caption. The optimal number of hashtags is 5-10. You can also include hashtags in the comments section when engaging with your followers.

OSAS example of a community building post