About ECE³

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The purpose of the Hawai‘i Early Childhood Educator Excellence and Equity (Hawai‘i ECE3) Project:

  1. Transform early childhood education (ECE) lead teacher preparation programs
  2. Develop a plan to increase compensation for ECE lead teachers across sectors and settings, serving young children from infants through age eight

Our Approach

The Hawaiʻi Early Childhood Educator Excellence and Equity is utilizing an assets-based, systems integration, and multi-partner approach to dismantle structural barriers and gaps to ECE workforce preparation and compensation/financing that have been in place for decades. With the coronavirus pandemic requiring rethinking of teaching and learning at every level, it has become even more critical to address the limited access to high-quality early learning experiences for all young children and families in Hawai‘i.

Theory of Improvement

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Three Fundamental Goals

Reflect Hawaiʻi’s Values

Reflect Hawaiʻi’s values, diversity, and community-based assets in the state’s early childhood workforce system of support, including the voices of current and prospective students in our ECE teacher degree pipeline

Build Capacity in Higher Ed

Build the capacity of Hawaiʻi’s higher-education system to support preparation of the early childhood workforce, including statewide alignment of teacher degree pathways, credentials, and supports for degree seekers

Competitive Compensation

Provide Hawaiʻi’s early childhood workforce with necessary resources, including competitive compensation

Our Alliance

The ECE³ Project activities are being advanced through: