Andrea Blackwell is originally from South Carolina, she is currently a 4th-6th grade Montessori teacher in Honolulu. Prior to moving to Hawai’i she lived in Europe, teaching at an international Montessori school in Warsaw, Poland, and prior to that, worked with Montessori schools in South Carolina. Traveling and teaching internationally sparked her interest in international education.

Research Interests

Through her research, Andrea is looking at international education in general, adaptations that are made to differing philosophies as they are adopted, and why adaptations are necessary. Given Andrea’s background in Montessori her research interests include Montessori education, specifically Montessori education in Poland. As Montessori education has developed worldwide, it has been adapted in a variety of ways to meet the needs of the varying cultural communities and peoples. Other interests include: bilingual education, global citizenship, public Montessori schools, and international schools.

Ph.D. Track

Global & International Education

COE Affiliation

Educational Foundations



B.A., Elementary Education. (2010)
University of South Carolina Upstate, Spartanburg, South Carolina

M.A., Education/Montessori Education 6-12. (2014)
Lander University, Greenwood, South Carolina